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Custom Fabrication of Saint-Gobain Silicone Press Pad Sheets for the Circuit Board IndustryDemonstrating our ability to work with highly specialized materials in an efficient and cost-effective manner, Eastern Industrial Products, Inc. custom fabricates Saint-Gobain silicone press pad sheets, which are used as a conformal medium in the manufacturing of flexible circuit boards.

Working from customer supplied specifications, our team of highly skilled engineers has developed a manufacturing process that utilizes our auto balance hydraulic full head press to convert roll-form Saint-Gobain #4444 silicone into 24″ (L) x 18″ (W) x .062″ thick sheets, which are both visually and caliper inspected to verify that they adhere to the tight ±.005″ tolerance requirement. To improve the surface quality of this static-free, high-temperature, and high-pressure resistant material, each sheet is individually washed with a unique cleaning solution, then packaged with paper interleafs to prevent the sheets from sticking.

Our ability to efficiently convert this elastomer compound from roll form into these 24″ x 18″ sheets has helped our customer streamline their operations and optimize their inventory, all while providing them with a notable 8% cost savings. We are currently shipping 750 sheets annually on a just-in-time delivery schedule.

Product Description These silicone press pad sheets are used as a conformal medium in the manufacturing of flexible circuit boards.
Capabilities Applied/Processes
Die Cutting

  • Washed in Unique Cleaning Solution to Help Improve the Surface Quality of the Material

  • Packaged w/ Paper Inter-Leafs to Ensure They Do Not Stick Together During the Assembly Process
Equipment Used to Manufacture Part Auto Balance Hydraulic Full Head Press
Overall Part Dimensions
Length: 24″
Width: 18″
Thickness: .062″
Tightest Tolerances ±.005″
Material Used Saint-Gobain Press pad #4444 Silicone
Benefits Converting the Material from Roll Form to Sheets Reduced Handling & Inventory Costs by 8% for Our Customer
In process testing/inspection performed Visual & Caliper Inspected
Industry for Use Circuit Board
Volume 720 Sheets Annually
Delivery Time KAN BAN/JIT
Standards Met MIL-I-45208A
Customer Supplied Specifications
Product Name Saint-Gobain Press Pad Silicone Sheets